Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ready or not here comes Thursday : )

I'm a bit sluggish this morning, need to go get my Dr.'s my "coffee fix"!!  It was warm last night, but we had the window fan I had no problems sleeping, not that I normally do.  I'm a great sleeper, which is a good thing, because my husband can snore w/the best of them -LOL!  He actually has that c-pap machine & it helps w/the snoring...when he puts it on : )   Yesterday, was a GORGEOUS day here, they called for hot & humid, but it only got up to 83 & there was a strong breeze...would have been the perfect day to be outside.  Today's starting off gorgeous again, think it's suppose to storm & cool down later.

I have been working on Father's Day cards...I do have to kind of force myself though, like I've said before I love the make cards w/bright colors...I do tend to lean towards pinks, which is sooo weird as I'm no a pink girl at all.  Well anyways...hope you like my new card...I do like using orange & blues together... hell, I like using ALL colors & pps together, isn't that half the fun of card making?!!

Well time to get my Dr. P & start the work today.  So far, I've got the office to myself-yeah!  Have a great day!!  TFL  Lynn


  1. This is a FABULOUS card!! I love the DP, and your image is so pretty! You did a fantastic job! I love the buttons and the twine, too. I feel the same way you do...guy cards are so hard! I'm not that much of a pink girl...ok. I'm lying. I love pink. But I really like blues and greens, too! Anyway, for's the bling that's hard. I find it nearly impossible to create a card without any Stickles or gems or flowers....SOMETHING!

    xx Star

  2. What a beautiful image to be showcased with the gorgeous patterned paper. I've said it before but must say it again...YOU are the queen of patterned paper. I always have trouble putting more than 2 together.