Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Half way to the loong weekend-woohoo : )

Made it to to get through it.  Ever just been in one of those moods where you just know you are going to bite somebody's head off...felt that way after I walked into work this morning-LOL.  I'm sure I'll do my best to control myself...I just would rather be at home making cards today...ok, most days-LOL.  I've had a couple sips of Dr. Pepper & feel better already...I'll go for some chocolate soon & that ought to cure all -LOL.   I did get a couple new cards made last night & packaged up all the other cards I had made...Pam is coming to pick up a bunch tonight!  I get sooo excited that others enjoy my cards, but also kind of sad to see them go...I love to look at them, they are like little friends ( I'm cheesy, I husband tells me all the time-LOL).   I'm planning on getting back to Halloween cards sometime this week-yeah : )

My new card was another special order from my friend Cindy, her son plays soccer & baseball,so she left it up to me.  I had  never done anything w/soccer before, so of course I went w/that one.  My soccer player image came from my scrap-a-day calendar...I never would have thought I would have gotten so much use of it (Mom, put that on the xmas list again this year-lol).

Have a great Wednesday!!  TFL  Lynn

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  1. Fabulous card!! I'm sure Cindy's son will love it. Grat colors. Scrap-a-Day calendar? I've never heard of that. I might just have to go check into it! =D I know what you feel about biting someone's head off. I'm working 6-4 this week...and I'm SOOOO not a morning person. LOL. Luckily I was the only one here for the first hour so I had no one to crab at. =D As for missing the cards...that's why we have blogs and online galleries, right? =D So we can go back and remember past projects. Have a great day, hon!!