Thursday, September 15, 2011


Holy chilly morning...temp is 51 degrees, it's very gray out, rained overnight, so everything is all wet...including my driveway.   At least the rain is suppose to be over w/for the day here & it's suppose to get windy, so that will dry up the driveway quickly (I hope).  I'm looking forward to going home & seeing that black driveway, it'll look almost new : )    Sad part is the leaves are starting to fall, so they'll cover my new-looking driveway soon & then after that, s**w, see I didn't really say it LOL!!

Yeah, we've made it to Thursday!!  Just have to get through 2 more work days : ) 

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Hopefully my new card will brighten your day & warm you up (if your like me & chilly already)!!   My wonderful friend Marcy sent me these awesome chipboards, sorry can't remember who makes them, but there are 3 sheets of them all w/super cute "homey" embellies
.  Alot of this card was made w/scrap paper-yeah : )

Have a great day!!  Stay warm & dry!!  TFL  Lynn


  1. Adorable! Love being able to use that scrap. =D The perfect homey card. I know what you mean about it being frosted overnight and my fingers are frozen. LOL It's almost 10 am and only 37 degrees. Brrr! Guess's my last day of work this week! Yay, another three day weekend! =D With Scrapfest being in Minnesota, we have lots of fun crops this weekend. I're jealous. LOL =D Sorry I haven't been commenting the past couple of's still crazy busy at work. In a couple of weeks it should slow down since most of the back to school pictures will be done. Until then I'll try to get by as much as I can. Hugs!!

  2. What a super sweet card! I love it. Your embellishments are perfect.

    Thanks so much for the comments on my cards, I'm glad you liked them! I'm not as good as you or Starla, but I keep trying. =D I do love making cards!

    Like Star said, it was frosty yesterday. I had to scrape my windshield!! Gotta love Minnesota, 103 degrees in June, then frost in September. I'm not ready to give up my capris and sandals yet, though!