Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall is here!!

It is officially fall weather here!!!  It is a chilly damp morning, though the sun is trying to peek out...we haven't seen the sun all weekend. It was a very windy, rainy, cooold weekend.  It was the perfect weekend to spend inside, making cards!!

These 2 card makers are my nieces, they are the cutest little girls!!  The one in the blue is Liberty, she's 8yrs old & I think she is going to be an amazing card maker : )  The 2 cards below were created by her, she was in love w/my bling : )

The other little one is Skye, she's 4 & she is a pistol.  Holy cow, did that girl tire me out.  She was having fun drawing & using all my paper punches : )  I tried my best to keep them under control,  but just like me they see cute things & want to use them-lol.  

Our little nephew came over too.  His name is Logan & he's 7 yrs old.  Can you just imagine our house on Saturday??  Remember, we aren't used to children, let alone 3 at one time w/more energy in their little finger then I have in my whole body!!!!!  My husband & Logan spent alot of time playing video games, typical boys!!!!

Well time for me to get some work done.  I hope you enjoy Liberty's new cards.  I think they are soooo bright & happy, how could they not cheer up your day : )  Have a great one.  Oh yeah, make sure to check tomorrow........ I HAVE AN INTRODUCTION FOR YOU (hint, hint to those that follow my blog & know what we've been waiting for -woohoo)    TFL  Lynn

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