Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A princess type of day- why not : )

It is a very gray day hasn't started raining yet, but soon.  At least it's still warm, temp is 63, which for this time of year is a heat wave for us : )  Actually, I heard on the news this morning, 5 yrs ago today was the Oct storm for was a nasty sleety storm that knocked down trees & took out power for days.  I think my husband worked a week straight, never saw him...then again that happens in the winter when he's plowing too.  Either way, I'll take 63 & rainy : )

As you can tell, my title for today came from my new castle card.  I'd love to live in a pink castle, for a couple days at least : )  I've had these stickers for forever, sorry don't remember the brand.  Paper is My Mind's Eye, another oooold piece.    If you ever want to know brand or anything else on any of my cards, please leave me a comment or email me at

Have a great Wednesday- half way toooooo the weekend.  Oh yeah, stillllll waiting on "Baby Brown"!!!   TFL  Lynn

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