Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis the season : )

Can you believe Thanksgiving has now come & gone, boy did that go fast!!!  We had a wonderful Thankgiving/Hutton Baptism weekend!!  Couldn't have asked for better weather either, it was 50+, if not 60 most of the weekend.  My mom put on a awesome Thanksgiving feast for us all...I think there was a pie per person-lol.   My brother & SIL had a beautiful dinner for after Hutton's baptism, it was a fun time w/family & yummy food (notice there is always yummy food involved-lol)!!   Believe it or not, between all of our festivities, I did manage to get our Xmas tree put up-woohoo.  Everything else looks like a bomb went off, but the tree is done : )  I promise pics of the tree w/Wilson soon...he hasn't given the tree any notice yet, thank goodness!!!  I didn't find any time for card making until was nice to be back at my scrap table-lol.

This is actually a card I made last week.  I am in total Xmas mode-woohoo.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!!!  I hope you have a great Monday too.  TFL  Lynn

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