Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy happy happy day, I hope : )

Another graaay rainy day, but once again not snow : )   This morning is a bit chillier then it has been, feels more like December.  I haven't seen the news/weather report in days, so not sure if they are using the "s" word or not.....  ever just feel like you are going in circles & accomplishing nothing because the list is soooo long, that's where I'm at these days!  I'm not even close to done w/Xmas shopping, heck I've barely begun & really have few ideas for people this year.  My Xmas decorations are half up, at least the tree is shining pretty-lol.  I promise pics of it w/Wilson soon, see another thing on my list.  I've got sooooo many Xmas cards to do, not complaining about that, just feel a little pressured & I don't want to rush myself & take the fun out of it, I enjoy putting my time & love into each & every card : )   I'm not sure what else is on the list, but I know there's a lot more.  Ok, I'm done being a Grinch, the Dr. Pepper hasn't kicked in yet this morning : ) 

I did some Xmas cards done last night, but haven't had a chance to take pics, so my new card today was made last week. 

As I said yesterday, I needed some b-day cards.  Sorry I haven't been listing any type of product used,  feel free to email me anytime at Lcards2009@yahoo.com or leave me a comment & I promise to get back to you : )

Well time to get some work done-yuk!!!   I hope you have a great day!!  TFL! Lynn

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