Friday, December 23, 2011


Woo hoo Friday!!!!  What's better then Friday??  A Friday before Christmas...a Friday before a looong holiday weekend-woo hoo!!!!!  I'm sooo looking forward to the holiday : )

I must admit, I haven't been the happiest of elves this past has been absolutely awful..busier the most week & alllllll sorts of problems!!  Luckily for me, only  2 hours today & then I can put the problems aside until Tuesday : )  We do our little office Xmas party today & then head home early...oh joy...I get my mimosa soooon ...a well deserved one, at that!!!   Now after work is a whole other story...presents to wrap, cards to finish & baking to do...then maybe another well deserved Xmas drink -lol!!   "Tis the season"!! oh, yea- I'm a much happier elf today!!!

Can you guess my new card type today : )

To all my wonderful family & friends (this means you)...Have a very Merry & blessed Christmas!!  May you be sourrounded by those you love & have wonderful memories of those that can't be with you!!!    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. Very pretty! I can feel the spirit of Christmas all over again.