Thursday, December 8, 2011

The sun is out- great way to start the day!!

It seems like forever since we've had a sunny morning or actually a sunny's a bright cloudless morning : )  They are calling for snow overnight..this would be our first measurable snow, if the weathermen are's the lake effect snow, those snow bands can be very narrow, so the snow may only affect a small portion of our area.  Last year ( I think), we got almost 3 feet of snow due to lake effect & where I work (5 miles away) got absolutely nothing, the grass was still green, yet I was snowed in my driveway for 2 days....I'm not complaining, I got alot of cards done then-lol.   So, anyways time will tell what the weather/snow will do.   I'm hoping it won't be to bad, my mom's suppose to be visiting this weekend.  We are suppose to see The Adams Family at our local theater & then we NEED to Xmas shop : )

I was noticing last night, I've made alot of cards this year w/snowmen...they are always just so cute, I can't help myself : )  My snowman sticker is from Hobby Lobby.  My sentiment stamp is from Hero Arts.

Well need to start work...thought I had the morning to myself, but the boss just walked in...aarrrgghhhh.  Well have a happy sunshine day : )   TFL  Lynn

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  1. LOL! I used the same Hero Arts stamp on today's card! =D I'm glad you're getting some sun! I hope the snow isn't too bad. I would be happy if I never saw snow again. I just can't stand it. Probably not best to live in Minnesota, but what can you do. LOL Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! I've done 1/2 of my Christmas shopping...need to wait until payday to do the rest. That'll give me a week. Some day I will be done before December starts. I swear! LOL Ok, running back to work (I was out sick yesterday, so it's piled up)...I hope you have a fabulous day, hon!!