Friday, December 2, 2011

woot woot it's Friday!!

yeah, made it through another work week...this one had it's ups & downs, then again, don't they all : )  I've got a  busy weekend though...need to spend tonight & tomorrow finishing up a bunch of & I have our craft show on Sunday : )  So mom will be visiting this weekend also...hmmm, wonder if will get any scrap...oops, any Xmas shopping in -lol.    It's another very gray, wet morning here, but it's suppose to clear up later today & the weekend's suppose to be pretty good, high near 50...I can't believe we are into December & haven't had any snow-woohoo!!!

Back to Xmas cards to show you....   I think so far I've made @60+ Xmas cards, sold a bunch at the first craft show, plus had an order for 25 & the rest I hope to sell at this craft show : )  Then, I can work on my own-woohoo : )
The red snow flake paper is a piece from one of my all time favorite Xmas lines, Girl Paperie, love every sheet of this, it's from last year, so if you look real hard you could probably still find more-lol!!  My sticker is once again an awesome Walmart find.. You're probably starting to think that's the only place I shop for my embellies-lol.  Last year my mom's Walmart must have forgotten to put these out for sell & after Xmas they found them, marked them .37$ a package & mom went & got me 1 of everything they could you pass up that bargain, hell, that's beyond a bargain -lol.

Well time to get my work day started.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!!!  TFL  Lynn

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  1. Holy cow, what a great deal for you!! Love the's just beautiful. I know you're going to sell a TON at your craft sale!! =D Plus you'll have fun hanging out with mom. I wish my mom was going to my crop with me tomorrow, but she has a sewing class. Oh well, that just means I can make some new friends. =D I hope your weekend is just fabulous, hon! I'm starting to get sick, but I'm hoping to kick that out tonight. Alcohol kills germs, right? ;D