Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Hutton- cutie-pa-tootie

Happy Thursday- yeah, almost tooooo Friday!!  My honey & I have been watching the Hatfield & McCoy series on the History channel all week & it's on till 11pm, so needless to say, we've had some late nights : )   I'm so wired after it's over it takes me awhile to fall asleep.  It was a really good series & though 6hours long, I would recommend it.   I have managed to get a couple more cards done this week- yeah!!   I had finished my 60 wedding tags, so I thought....customer contacted me yesterday & asked for a couple more : ) 

I promised a  new pic of my handsome little's Hutton & Aunt Lynn-lol!!   Look at his big eyes.  He is just toooo darn sweet!!!  He's a little over 7 months old now, already has 6 teeth, can crawl & is pulling himself up to the standing position.  He keeps his daddy & mommy on their feet-lol!!

Though I did say I got some cards done last night,  I haven't had time to photograph them yet.  I made this card a couple weeks ago : )  I thought it perfect to go w/the pic of my little man.   I believe the red polka dot pp is from Glitz.  The stripe pp is Hobby Lobby (need to get another sheet of that-love it). Used the Cricut.  Stamp is Hero Arts, the sticker is Hobby Lobby too.

Have a great Thursday!! TFL  Lynn

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